Top 8 favorite healthy snacks

So, in this post i am gonna share My Top 10 favorite snacks at the moment. In moderation, these snacks are very healthy and a much better alternative for ice cream, chips and other crap.

1) popcorn – if you pop yourself on the stove you can be sure its very healthy and so delicious!


2) NUTS! – i love almonds and hazelnuts but right now i have à huge craving for macadamianuts. Always have some in My Bag when im working, when i need energy a handfull of these Will do the trick.


3) roasted edamame – just discovered these yummy things here in NY. Taste like à cross between popcorn and nuts. They are ten Times nicer than roasted soybeans.



4) lärabars/rawbars – i always keep one of these in My bag aswell. Full of energy and very tasty. The sweet flavour comes from dates.


5) good cheese – i love a piece of good cheese. On a cracker or not, your Call! 😉


6) fresh berries – i think this is My favorite snack! Here in new york you can get them pretty cheap aswell. In a smoothie, with yogurt, or just as they are, theyre amazing!




7) cottage cheese – not really à cheese, delicious With nectarines/peaches and some coconut. I often have this as a snack after à long day of castings. Easy to just pull out of the fridge.


8) blanxart 72%cacao + 23% almonds. The best chocolate in the world! So devine! I brought 6 big bars of this from sweden.


There you go guys, my favorite snacks! Hope you’ll enjoy them as much as I do. Let me know! And you are welcome to share your favorites With me, im curious and always looking to try new foods/snacks.


About kellywhat

hey! I'm kelly. I love sports, good food, traveling, adventures, and my friends/family. I also love breaking rules.
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