“Wait” is not something i like doing

Since im not living With Ciara and “the girls” ( i got put in another apartment) i was feeling à Little lonely today. Probably because the apartment is a 8-bed apartment and its only me and one other girl staying here. But she doesnt actually S-T-A-Y here. I should really try to enjoy these days while i have the place to myself though. In à couple of days it Will be packed With girls here for fashionweek. But yeah, i just wanna stay With “the girls”. 😦
Today i got to Skype With My friends, Emilie and Rasmus, from back home. It was so awesome!

Now im off to bed. Tomorrow Will be à long day in the studio.

Went out for à run in My new nikes “lunarglide”. Love them!


I assume this coming week is going to be very hectic. so i just bought, what Will be, my go-to, on-the-go, emergency lunches, a “lärabar”.

Megan, ash, ciara and i went to hang out in the park again. Perfect place to hang out and have dinner. I made another salad and some of the girls got subway. While eAting we had these Weird guys come up and talk to us. They were so funny, that i started recording with My phone so ive got most of it on tape. 😉


About kellywhat

hey! I'm kelly. I love sports, good food, traveling, adventures, and my friends/family. I also love breaking rules.
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