Familytime @ familyplace

Today has been all about having out With the family. We got up (at what most people would Call) really early, and went for à drive to the place where we spent the last 16 summers. In other words, it brought back a lot of nice memories. The weather was fabulous all day. We went for walks in the forest looking for chanterelles and went diving in the wAter from the rocks. Then we read our books while Enjoying the sun, the (very few)sounds, the smell of the sea, and each others company.

Now i have à couple of days of work, meetings and school here in Sweden. After that, im of to NYC! 😉




About kellywhat

hey! I'm kelly. I love sports, good food, traveling, adventures, and my friends/family. I also love breaking rules.
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One Response to Familytime @ familyplace

  1. Sara says:

    Har du fått reda på vad du är allergisk mot (sminket)? Hoppas det ordnar sig så du slipper besvär nu när du far iväg och jobbar igen. Ska bli kul att följa dina äventyr i NYC. 🙂

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