Black girl on the beach

Yep, thats me, black girl on the beach. À few days in the sun and ive turned black. Well, almost. Anyhow, My mum and i are Enjoying our time here in gran canaria. We do our morning powerwalks on the beach followed by laps in the pool before brekky (only time it is not crowded). We’ve been spending the days just reading by the pool or by the beAch, swimming, shopping and having good food. Tonight we shared à pasta-dish that was out of this world. The best that Both mum and i have EVER had before. fresh, With lobster, truffle and butter. Theres also some Great fish herr in gran canaria. But to be honest, its really Hard to find good restaurants here. Most places only serve deep fried butter, deep fried potatoes, deep fried… Well anything deep fried.uuughh!!

In à few days i Will be back in Sweden Again. Will have à few days to catch up With friends and after that i Will start preparing for fashinweek, school And do some jobs. Really hope My tan Will disappear in time for fashinweek, otherwise im in deep shit.

Time for a latenight swim and then of to bed.










About kellywhat

hey! I'm kelly. I love sports, good food, traveling, adventures, and my friends/family. I also love breaking rules.
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One Response to Black girl on the beach

  1. Hanna says:

    Ååh, kan du inte skriva ner de bästa restaurangerna du var på? Skulle vara kul och få lite tips!
    Ligger dem i Amadores? Eller är det i Puerto Rico du är i? 🙂
    Skriv gärna vart restaurangerna ligger!

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