Shop til’ u drop, and when u drop, shop some more.

Had àNother Great day today. Starting to like NY more and more. Or maybe its just the good company i have 🙂 i get along really well With the girls! Today we walked to soho for some more shopping. I went à little overboard with the shopping…
Found something small for everyone in My family anyway which is good. The only problem is that i cant fit everything in My bags. Ooops!
We were supposed to go out for dinner and party tonight since its My last weekend here, but the twins are now feeling sick and Ciara and i are just feeling lazy and tired after walking around all day. Most People find it super weird, but i rarely go out partying and such. Im just to lazy and Almost always prefere à night in With friends. Dinner out at 11.00? Call me a grandma, Im in bed by 10:30.
Unless its à small party at home with friends, Totally up for that!

I bought DELICIOUS-smelling electric fragrance things for our home. Vanilla cupcake is My faaaaavourite scent. My room is gonna smell like a candy store. For My mum (SHIT, i hope she doesnt read My blog) i got a pineapple/cilantro scented one – so it Will smell like summer holidays and asia(which is her favorite place in the world) in her room or the livingroom, where she wants to use it.

Also got some amaaaazing bodylotions for me and some for My friends. I wish i couldve gotten some more for friends but i already have to much luggage, so that sucks….






Also showed kelsey How i make My famous musli that i have for brekky every morning. When i need it to go fast i roast it on the stove but when i have time i use the oven.

Made the most delicious chicken for dinner. I Marinated it in garlic, thyme and lemon and then made a sause With only Two things in it: balsamic vinegar and yoghurt, so it was à balsamic reduction kinda. With that i had greens and veggies. Also made curry-yoghurt chicken for ciara 🙂 didnt try Hers but i hope it tasted good aswell.



We Walk by à hundred of these juice stands everyday and the weather makes me wanna get one every time. One with Apple, celery, lime, carrot, orange and ginger is My favorite!


On the streets With the twins



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hey! I'm kelly. I love sports, good food, traveling, adventures, and my friends/family. I also love breaking rules.
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