Capetown, again.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend! Friday evening i left freezing cold Hamburg. I met up with mum in Frankfurt and together we took a flight to cApetown. Its really nice that My mum is With me again. She was With me last time i Came to cApetown for work. Lucky me!! I wish i had friends or family with me on every trip. it gets so lonely when im Always traveling alone.

Since it was a night flight i did not study at all. I actually Wanted to watch a movie but there was no tv on the ( 13h !!) flight so i just slept, which was probably for the best. We landed this morning. The weather is amazing here, nice and sunny, 37 degrees. We started of With brunch at manna and after that we went back to the hotel to get some rest. We’re just gonna lay by the pool for the rest of the day/evening and go out for dinner later on.
Sunday tomorrow and i have a day off,yay!! Will spend it studying… But, i look on the bright side, i Will be studying in My bikini, by the pool With a icecold drink in My hand. Doesn’t sound so bad now Does it?

Sashimi @ hAmburg airport

Enjoyed Plain yoghurt, delicious fruit and berries and nice musli together With mum. Couldn’t think of à more perfect way to start the day!


…and ofc the bread and juices from heaven!



About kellywhat

hey! I'm kelly. I love sports, good food, traveling, adventures, and my friends/family. I also love breaking rules.
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2 Responses to Capetown, again.

  1. Petra says:

    Vad heter hotellet ni bor på fina du?

    • kellywhat says:

      Vi bodde på lite olika hotell. Vi blev helt kära i Victoria & Alfred waterfront hotel, den bästa hotellfrukosten någonsin, superbra läge och fina rum. 🙂

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