First of all i just want to let you know that i will doing some of my posts in english from now on since  some friends and family have requested that i do 😉  Also want to let you know that when i’m in sweden aka not working im very slack with bloging because i concentrate on school and homework 24/7 so that i will be able to work and travel…   when i need a break from studying  i spend time with friends and family.  But anyway,  as promised here is my tips after my recent dining experience @ dash.

When my  mum and i were in cape town for the first time not long ago we came across MANY good restaurants. We actually  didn’t come across one bad or half good one for that matter. So i thought i would give you guys (who are in cape town or planing to go soon)  some heads up and tips about which restaurants to go to and which courses we found amazing and which ones we didn’t .  So, on our last night in cape town we found one of the best restaurants i’ve ever been to. So i will have to start with that one.   

Seared foie gras, toasted apple, shallot marmalade and onion cream cappuccino – R140

Where do i begin?  This is easily  THE best starter i have ever come across in my entire life. 10/10 points easily.  all the flavors went perfectly together. the cappuccino, fois gras, everything. All these delicious things put together on one stone/plate is a hit! If you ever go to dash, HAVE THIS if you like fois gras! if you dont like fois gras you should have.. THIS because then you will not not like fois gras anymore, i promise!

Lobster tortellini on wilted greens, confit crayfish tail and cognac bisque with morel foam R195

loster tortellini in a sause from heaven. yes, it was delicious. On the picture you can see half a portion because we shared one serving and got it in two plates.  1 serving was Definitely  enough to fill us both up.

Coconut panacotta with lime sorbet and passion fruit couilis – R60

My mum ordered the  coconutpanacotta which was just to die for. Something we never  could have made ourselves.  It was so  smooth with a tasty coconut flavor. Together with the coconutflakes, sorbet and passionfruit it was just outstanding.  The consistency was also very good.  Many panacottas can be to “jelly-like”, when they use to much gelatine. But this one was NOT like that at all.

Hot chocolate fondant with orange ice cream and bitter sugar brittle – R70

Terrible picture, i know. I dont know what happened, my camera just didnt want to take a good shot of this amazing bitterchocolate fondant. Not much orangeflavour in the ice cream, but oh so good anyway! I had high expectations on the chocolatefondant after having the best one ever 2 days earlier at SALT.  It was superyummy, but not as good as the one from Salt.

Overall experience:
Service : good
food: outstandingly amazing
heads up: you dont get any bread or anything else with the meal.
positive: the  fois gras starter and the atmosphere in the restaurant.
negative: i cant think of anything worth naming. (except that they dont serve bread).
P.S : the presentation of the food was 100% thought through and original.

Let me know if you want to see pics and read about the other good food experiences that we had in cape town. Should i keep writing about the good restaurants that i come across abroad? 

Dash Restaurant and Bar Portswood Ridge V&A Waterfront Cape Town 8001. South Africa


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